[Troubleshooting Help] Inline mic isn’t working on my xbox one : xboxone

I am currently on the latest update of the xbox one, and my controllor is updated to version 4.8.1923.0. I am using a pair of Harman-Kardon earbuds (image), and I am pretty sure they are non-Apple products.

I have tried two different wireless controllers and a wired controller, and I can hear very well through my earbuds, but I cannot talk or use my mic. When I press the push to talk button on my inline mic, the clicking sound can still be heard (when I press the button for the inline mic it has the talking symbol in the top left), just not my voice or anything else.

I have already done loads of troubleshooting things and asked xbox support but they have been pretty busy.

My mic works on my phone, my mic is turned on in audio settings, I have tried with mic monitoring full and none, my privacy settings are not hindering voice chat, I’ve restarted and updated my controllers and xbox, and I’ve cut off the power source to my xbox and replugged it.

If y’all could help, thank you. It’s hard playing Apex with randoms and people on Discord don’t like to play without mics. I dropped from Gold 2 to Gold 4 (3 hours of straight losing) yesterday lol 🙁 It’s also very hard to play 2k in park, I waited like 30 minutes for a teammate yesterday

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