AMD’s budget Ryzen 3300X can outperform an old $350 Intel i7

AMD’s $120 Ryzen 3 3300X has defeated the Intel Core i7 7700K in Geekbench 4. While Intel’s Core i7 had long stood as the pinnacle of client CPU technology, and was priced to match at $339 MSRP, AMD’s budget processor is giving it a lesson in what Zen 2 can do on a budget.

The Intel Core i7 7700K was the best of the lot back during the Kaby Lake architecture’s heyday—around 2017. At least for our mere non-HEDT rigs. Coming in with four cores and eight threads of processing power, at 4.2GHz base clock and 4.5GHz boost clock, this chip was the de facto standard for high-end gaming machines.

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