Best Home Warranty Companies in Indiana

If you live in Indiana and want extra protection for your home systems and appliances, consider investing in a home warranty. This type of home protection plan will cover expensive repair and replacement costs on items that fail or break down over time.

Because there are multiple home warranty companies to choose from, determining which one is right for you can be challenging. To help you out, the This Old House Reviews team has reviewed a variety of home warranty providers in Indiana, collecting data on service plans, pricing, customer service ratings and reviews, claims submissions, and more to help you find the best home warranty.

Keep reading for the top home warranty companies in the state and tips to help you choose a protection plan that’s right for you.

1. American Home Shield

American Home Shield is one of the most well-known home warranty companies in the industry. It’s been in business since 1971 and is a veteran compared to other providers. American Home Shield is our top recommendation due to their wide range of comprehensive coverage plans, competitive pricing, and positive reputation for customer service.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Pros Cons
Offers extended coverage for electronics and guest houses Customers can’t choose contractors
Provides customizable plan options Repairs guaranteed for only 30 days
Has flexible service fees ($75, $100, or $125)

American Home Shield offers four comprehensive service plans: a Systems Plan, Appliances Plan, Combo Plan, and Build-Your-Own Plan. The Systems Plan covers items like your air conditioning, water heater, and garbage disposals, the Appliances Plan protects appliances like your refrigerator and built-in microwave, and the Combo Plan bundles both systems and appliances for a complete coverage package.

The Build-Your-Own Plan is highly customizable, allowing customers to mix and match 10 of their most-used appliances and systems.

Costs for each AHS plan will depend on where you live, the plan you choose, and how many add-ons you include in your coverage. Here are the average plan costs:

  • Appliances Plan: $49.99 per month
  • Systems Plan: $49.99 per month
  • Combo Plan: $59.99 per month
  • Build-Your-Own Plan: $54.99 per month (10 items included, $2.00 for each additional item)

Additionally, you’ll pay a trade service call fee whenever you submit a claim. AHS allows customers to choose between a $75, $100, and $125 service fee. A higher service call fee will result in a lower monthly premium, and vice versa.

To receive a free quote from American Home Shield, call 888-751-6014 or fill out this online form.

2. America’s First Choice Home Club

For the most flexibility with your home warranty plans, America’s First Choice Home Club is one of the best home warranty companies in Indiana.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Pros Cons
Offers four plans, which is twice the amount of what providers usually offer Doesn’t provide coverage for pre-existing conditions
Allows customers to use their own technicians Charges a $75 cancellation fee
Guarantees parts and labor as long as you’re a customer

AFC Home Club offers several plans to meet your home appliance protection needs. Customers can choose between a Silver Plan, Gold Plan, Platinum Plan, and Systems Plan. You can also speak with a customer service representative about creating a custom plan.

Pricing will vary depending upon the service fee amount that you choose, where you live, and the type of plan you select, but here are the average prices for AFC Home Club plans:

  • Systems Plan: $43.18 per month
  • Silver Plan: $43.18 per month
  • Gold Plan: $52.27 per month
  • Platinum Plan: $59.09 per month

Note: Plan discounts may be offered if you sign up for a three-year plan as opposed to a one-year plan.

Call America’s First Choice Home Club at 678-335-2151 to receive a free quote or simply fill out this online form.

3. Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty is an excellent choice for those seeking coverage at a more affordable price.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Pros Cons
Has extensive add-on coverage options Charges repeat service fees
Offers free roof leak coverage No mobile app
Provides plan discounts on multi-year plans No coverage for pre-existing conditions

Select Home Warranty offers three coverage plans for customers to choose from: Bronze Care, Gold Care, and Platinum Care. The Platinum Care plan is the best value, providing coverage for all home appliances and systems.

Costs for each plan will vary, but the company often offers significant savings promotions, such as two months free when signing up, free roof coverage, or a $100 discount. Here’s a general overview of plan pricing:

  • Bronze Care: $35.83 per month
  • Gold Care: $35.83 per month
  • Platinum Care: $37.50 per month

To receive a free quote from Select Home Warranty, call 888-370-3956 or fill out this easy form.

Tips for Buying a Home Warranty in Indiana

Before buying a home warranty, consider what items you want coverage for, set your budget, and think about factors like customer service, claims processing, and work guarantees. Here are a few tips to help you find the best home warranty:

  • Take into account the age of major home items, like air conditioners or your heating system. Some companies, like Choice Home Warranty, will provide coverage on systems and appliances, regardless of age.
  • Think about your budget and how much you’re willing to spend every month. Select Home Warranty provides some of the most affordable monthly premiums and deductibles in the industry.
  • Consider how many items you actually need protection for. American Home Shield allows you to customize coverage so you’re not paying for items that don’t need protection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Indiana Home Warranties

What does an Indiana home warranty cover?

Typically, a home warranty covers major home systems and appliances, like your air conditioning, water heater, or refrigerator, that break down due to normal wear and tear. A home warranty does not cover damage to your home caused by natural disasters, fire, or theft.

Which Indiana home warranty is the best?

The best home warranty plan will depend on the type of coverage you need and your budget. The plan that provides you with the most coverage at the best value is one worth considering. We recommend any of the companies mentioned above as a solid choice for Indiana home warranty coverage.

Are these home warranty companies trustworthy?

All home warranty companies have some negative reviews from unsatisfied customers. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t reputable companies. Many issues stem from confusion with language in the sample contract. Take the time to read your sample contract before signing up for a plan to get a better picture of how the company operates, what type of customer service they provide, and what types of coverage exclusions exist.

Our Conclusion

An Indiana home warranty can provide peace of mind if a home system or appliance unexpectedly fails. The three home warranty companies in this review are some of the best providers in the state and offer comprehensive coverage plans, affordable pricing, and excellent customer service. We recommend getting a quote from all three so you can compare plan costs and choose the company that best fits within your budget.

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