There’s a Desperados 3 demo up on GOG •

Plus a taste of the System Shock reboot and more.

If you’ve been eyeing the 16th June arrival of Wild West tactical stealth sequel Desperados 3 with mounting anticipation, there’s some good news; PC players can get some rootin’, tootin’, and sneaky shootin’ in early courtesy of a new demo – one of several, including a playable look at troubled System Shock reboot, now available on

The original Desperados, if you’re unfamiliar, released all the way back in 2001, gaining immediate acclaim for its compelling cowboy-themed take on WW2 strategy hit Commandos’ squad-based real-time tactical action.

Its follow-up, Desperados 2: Cooper’s Revenge, was less well-received, but hopes are high for this long-awaited third entry (actually a prequel to the original), given that it’s being handled by Mimimi Games – the developer behind 2016’s hugely enjoyable, and mechanically similar, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.

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GOG’s Desperados 3 demo is said to last around 90-120 minutes and features two full playable missions set across Colorado and Mexico; there’s an introductory chapter, following a young John Cooper on a bounty hunting trip with his father, and a second mission in which an adult Cooper teams up with Doc McCoy to stop a train robbery.

The Desperados 3 demo is one of several released on GOG to coincide with its summer sale, with others including a brief look at Nightdive Studios’ long-in-the-works System Shock reboot, THQ Nordic’s Destroy All Humans remake, Thunder Lotus Games’ “cozy management game about dying” Spiritfarer, Phobia’s “reverse horror game” Carrion, and more.

GOG’s summer sale, if you’re curious, runs from today, 27th May, until 15th June.

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