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I’d been looking for a way to connect an Xbox party with a Discord voice chat but couldn’t find any guides online. So while I figured this out specifically for Xbox and Discord, I’d imagine the same steps should work for any two VoIP services that you can download an app for or open in a browser. So I’ll post this a couple places and hopefully it’s helpful to someone.

This method will make a bridge between an Xbox party and a Discord channel, effectively making it one big voice chat. It’s not a perfect solution to the lack of a real Discord app on Xbox, but the performance is good and it’s easy to configure. The first time you do this might take ~20 mins, but any subsequent times you set it up will take 30 seconds max. Keep in mind, only one person needs to do this (ideally someone with good internet).

You’ll need:

  • Windows 10 PC

  • Discord App (signed into a spare account)

  • Xbox Console Companion App (signed into a spare account)

  • VB-Audio Virtual Cables A+B (Donationware – min of $5 or €5)


  1. Download/open the Discord App and create a spare account. I recommend calling it something like “Xbox Party Chat”

  2. Download/open the Xbox Console Companion App and create a spare account. Same deal, I’d call it “Discord Chat” or something.

  3. Buy and download the VB-Audio Virtual Cables A+B set. There’s a free option, but it only gives you one virtual cable. You’ll need two. Run each installer as Admin and restart your computer.

  4. Open the Xbox app, go to settings, and scroll down to the Party section.

  5. Open the Discord app, go to settings, and open Voice & Video.

  6. Join an Xbox party and a Discord channel in each app, and those two voice chats are now bridged.

Once that’s all configured, any time you want to bridge a Discord Channel with an Xbox Party, you just need to repeat step 6 – open each app and join the party/channel you want to bridge together. But if you want, you could also just leave the two accounts running so anyone could join the bridged chat at any time.

How it works:

The VB-Audio virtual cables act as virtual sound devices, so the output sound (speaker) of one app can become the input sound (mic) of another. It’s like holding two phones up to each other upside-down. When someone talks in the Xbox party, your Xbox app will play the sound out through Virtual Cable A, which your Discord app hears as the microphone. To your friends on Discord, all the Xbox party audio will come through your spare Discord account (this is why I’d name it something like “Xbox Party Chat”). The same process works in reverse from Discord to Xbox using the other virtual cable. Here’s a diagram.

This probably introduces a bit of latency for people talking across the bridge, but in our experience it’s not noticeably worse than a normal Xbox party. The latency just becomes the total of Xbox + Discord latencies. Latency from an Xbox player to an Xbox player or a Discord user to a Discord user is unaffected.

It can be useful for playing cross-platform games while allowing PC users to keep their push-to-talk, or for bringing discord music bots into an Xbox party, or just talking with friends while playing on different platforms.

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