You Can’t Run Away From Your Problems (Or The Person You Hate)

Cardio will get your heart pumping, but so will arguing with someone you hate (and the latter is WAY easier AND much more entertaining).

In this episode of Two Guys Who Hate Each Other, Dan and George (who, as the title suggests, hate each other) accidentally, um, “run” into each other while they’re both out jogging.

Is Dan and George’s sarcastic exchanges entertaining? lol, yes!

Is it bad that these two make each other so angry that it is likely impacting their blood pressure and mental health? Kinda.

But is it great they both exercising to counteract the above? HELL YEAH

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Starring George Kareman and Dan Klein // Written by George Kareman // Directed by Greg Stees // Shot by Skyler Rousselet // Edited by George Kareman // Sound by Marcos Butron Jr.


They may hate each other, but hey – they have the best adventures together. Starring George Kareman & Dan Klein.

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