Podcast Episode 143: New Anthem’s Aaron Skiles on Learning Through Problem Solving with Hazy IPA

Wilmington, North Carolina’s New Anthem Beer Project has become a force in the world of hazy IPA through their creative, meticulous approach to ingredients and process. In this episode, Aaron Skiles breaks down thet approach, which includes:

  • sourcing and evaluating ingredients
  • working with vendors to improve ingredient quality and pinpoint ideal lots of hops
  • building a muscle memory in the team’s olfactory systems for consistency when rubbing hops
  • making the hard choice not to make beloved brands when a season’s hop quality isn’t up to expectations
  • mixing different lots of the same hop to build depth and character

And more.

The conversation turns to process, as Skiles discusses the challenges of Australian hops like Galaxy and Vic’s Secret; why they’ve moved away from cryo hops; using unusual hops for bittering; why higher IBUs make for better hazy IPAs; their move to later dry hopping at cooler temperatures in more frequent additions of smaller amounts; hops creep horror stories; and the haze stability that comes from pushing lower mash and boil pH levels.

New Anthem is making some of the most captivating hazy IPAs in the world right now, and this episode is a glimpse into what makes them special.

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