Should Bill Barr Be Disbarred? : politics

Everything trump touches turns to shit. What appeared to be a somewhat distinguished career (at least on the surface, from some angles) will now be forever poisonously tainted just for being trump’s pathetic toadie. Forever shame, Bill Barr.


Bill Barr has been undermining justice for decades. He is, was, and has always been a “means matter not” operative. He actively encouraged the pardoning of key Iran-Contra (for those with short memories, this involved the then President of the United States Ronald Reagan committing some light treason selling arms to Iran to prop up fascists in Central America after Congress unambiguously forbade the administration from doing precisely what he did surreptitiously) figures to squelch dissent over the scandal. All of the pardoning abuse seen today has its roots in Barr’s first term as Attorney General.

He has encouraged warrantless surveillance of Americans before it was stylish. PRISM and all this shit that we did after 9/11…yeah he built the foundation upon which all of those rights abuses were built.

He has consistently encouraged disproportionate incarceration once stating that it would “[t]he benefits of increased incarceration would be enjoyed disproportionately by black Americans.” They have been. To the tune of millions of people in jails for years for non-violent crime, millions of fatherless families, tens of millions of lives impacted. Bill Barr has been a devil plaguing the black community for decades and his comments make clear that this was not an accident. Many of the disproportionate impacts of police policy that we see today were put in place by Barr. Black America is broken and Bill Barr has been wielding the hammer that broke it with a smile on his face.

So no. Barr has always been behind racist policing, fascism and putting politics ahead of good governance. Just because you’re just noticing that he’s a complete shithead, doesn’t mean he hasn’t been one for decades.

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