Nancy Pelosi says audio from Trump’s sister describing him as a man with ‘no principles’ is ‘further evidence’ that Trump is ‘a hoax’ : politics

is ‘further evidence’ that Trump is ‘a hoax’

Hear! Hear! A media-addicted society in so much self-denial that they can’t see they picked a media-addicted king.

Trump is a walking talking puppet of the order of TV advertising, he is a myth, he is every nonsense exaggeration of marketing and advertising personified. His persona is media brain persona. Which Russia has easily been able to exploit (the USA) via Surkov’s media insights.


Joseph Campbell, February 1961:

To make myself clear, let me pause for a minute to say a few words about what seems to me to be the Western idea of the individual. I will take a few rather well known examples to illustrate the fact. Carl Jung in his work speaks of the integration of the personality, and uses the word “individuation” rather frequently. And to make clear what he means, he points out that each one of us is, by his society, invited to play a certain role, a certain social role in order to function. We play roles. These roles he calls personae, from the Latin word for the mask worn by an actor.

We all have to put on a mask of some sort in order to function in the society. And even those who choose not to function in the society—to revolt from the society—put on masks too. They wear certain insignia, you might say, that indicate, I am in revolt. One can be impressed by a persona, by a mask. For example, if one meets a person and is talking to him and thinks one is beginning to establish some kind of rapport, and then learns, let us say, that this is the distinguished ambassador from such and such a place, the mask comes in front of that person and a certain awe in your relationship to him, and this person becomes what Jung calls a mana personality—a personality with magical powers—so that you are not talking directly to him.

In order to be individuated, in order to be an individual, we must distinguish between ourselves and the mask that we wear. Now this mask goes very deep; it includes moral ideas, it includes judgment systems. These archetypes for action have been impressed upon us by our society.

Now I take Jung’s idea of the individuation as a rather clean-cut example of an Occidental ideal: that one should put on the mask and take it off. When you come home in the evening are you still Mr. President, or do you leave that in the office? If you keep your mask on, you know what we say of such a person: he is a stuffed shirt. The personality gradually disappears, and this is a particular disaster if one becomes impressed by one’s own mask. Here we have a real mirage phenomenon: nobody there.

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