BH Trials: Digger Parkour, Driving Madness Coming to Xbox One on October 23

BH Trials is an obstacle course game where you, alone or with friends, drive a backhoe by using only its arms: no engine, no steering, no brakes – no problem!

BH Trials

BH Trials was born from the real experience of professional digger operators, who often use their vehicles’ arms to get them to positions unreachable on wheels. We’ve embraced this premise of driving by arms and crafted a series of levels where we have you, the operator, get over, under, in, and out of all kinds of obstacles, as fast as you can, as much as you can.

BH Trials

BH Trials is a skill-based game. Initially even the simplest of movements looks impossible, but with practice you’ll learn to coordinate the digger’s arms to advance, brake, steer, climb over obstacles and perform all kinds of actions. It is hard, yes, but not gratuitously punishing: the game constantly pushes your ability, but also encourages you to improve, and doesn’t cheat. The digger reacts accurately to your input and interacts realistically with its surroundings, gripping, grabbing, and pushing just as you would expect the real thing to do.

BH Trials

In addition to a sizable number of single-player oriented levels, you can also play BH Trials with up to three co-operators; you won’t be controlling individual diggers, though, but legs of a single mechanical spider. Yes, you’ve heard well, a four-legged backhoe! To get anywhere requires that all the participants control their limbs accurately, and in sync; you’ll be quite literally leaning on one another as you embark on a blast of a journey from utter disarray to well-executed choreography.

BH Trials

But wait, there’s more! Mini-games, collectibles, ghosts, almost an hour of original music, fine examples of brutalist architecture -all of this, and more, is coming to Xbox One October 23. Get ready!

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BH Trials

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BH Trials is an obstacle course game where you drive a digger with no transmission, steering, or brakes. Learn how to use the digger’s arms to crawl, climb, and avoid obstacles in this unique driving game.

Team up with your friends to command a mechanical spider digger! Take control of the spider’s legs and move the digger through a series of levels especially designed to put your groups’ skills and coordination to the test.

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