Trying to make my french press coffee less acidic to win bet. Please help : Coffee

Hey everyone,

I’m new to the super artisan world of coffee. My dad and I have been drinking the same beans for years now ( They’re good but after reading some posts here and watching some James Hoffmann videos, I wanted to try something new. So I bought a batch from a local coffee shop and tried it this morning ( I choose this blend because of the claimed notes of caramel and chocolate.

Anways, this morning I made coffee for my dad and I using the James Hoffman method. My grind was at a 19/40 on the Baratza Virtuoso and I brewed for 4 minutes, did the big stir and scoop stuff, then let it sit for 10 minutes before serving. The coffee was pretty acidic and my dad was roasting me for thinking we would like these beans more than our usual ones. So we made a bet for $100 that I could find a way to brew him a delicious cup of these beans in the next thirty days.

I know I’ve read a couple posts here that say that you can modify your brewing method to make things less acidic. I really want to taste these caramel and chocolately notes and also win $100. Could anybody give me some tips on ways to tweak my french press brew to make it less acidic? My girlfriend was an aeropress as well so if there’s a way to make the coffee less acidic with it then I would love to know.

Thanks so much!

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