12g V60 method / tutorial : Coffee

Hi all,

This is a video of my single cup v60 method (12g to 200ml). There are a few methods posted online but I figured I would post this anyways as it sort of synthesises various methods into a simple technique that works for me and maybe you too J

It’s probably not perfect (and the execution in this video isn’t perfect) but It seems to work for me at the moment.

PS- Any tips would be appreciated J


About five or so seconds after boil I start the timer. I don’t begin pouring until 5 seconds. I do this so I don’t have to start the timer at the same time as I start pouring.

I bloom with 36ml so three times the weight of the coffee (12g). The bloom lasts 35 seconds until the timer hits 40s.

Then the strategy is to get as even a pour as possible until 1:30. The target points on the way (that I aim for) are 85ml by 55s, 130ml by 1:10, 167ml by 1:20 and 200ml by 1:30. I go a little off this in the video but there is some acceptable margin here.

Once all is in I do a vigorous swirl. Then at half drawdown another vigorous swirl. This techniques means nowt sticks to the sides and I always get a flat bed.

Grind: Mine is I think 17-18 on an Encore, but ultimately you have to go by taste. If its astringent go coarser (or perhaps brew slightly cooler) and vice versa if its sour.

Caution: Occasionally for some reason I get a very long drawdown (25ish seconds longer than normal) I’m not 100% sure the cause of this. I think it may be down to pouring too slow at start or reboiling during bloom and therefore using hotter water.

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