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Does your favorite MMA fan have a birthday coming up? Are they asking for wrestling gear and recovery tools? Look no further. 

Whether you’re an MMA lover too or have never seen a fight in your life, you’re sure to find the perfect gift in the list below. 

From punching bag laundry baskets to glove deodorizers, there’s something for everyone — regardless of your spending budget and their interests.


1. Everlast HydroStrike Water Bag

Why punch a bag of seed or sand when you can swing at a more forgiving bag of water? This black Everlast bag comes with a swivel, two brace boards, assembly hardware and a full rubber edge binding for safety. 

Plus, it can hold up to 100 pounds of water to effectively absorb each strike. HydroStrike technology makes this water bag easier on the joints and resistant to tears or leaks. 


2. Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy 

If your favorite MMA fan doesn’t have any siblings to fight, consider gifting them an MMA grappling dummy. This lifelike dummy can hold up to 100 pounds of filling and postures on its knees so you can prepare sprawl, turtle and quarter position procedures. 

Stuff it with raw cotton or any other suitable filler material. The 59- to 70-inch dummies are ideal for adult MMA fans looking to improve their grappling skills. 


3. Champs MMA Boxing Reflex Ball

Poor reflexes lead to painful losses in the ring. Help your fighter refine his hand-eye coordination with this boxing reflex ball set. All you have to do is strap on the headband and get punching, no globes or guards required. 

This gift set comes with four balls and eight cords, just in case your MMA fan likes to swing hard. They can also adjust the velcro headband and shorten or lengthen the knot-free strings to benefit their personal fitness. 


4. Elite Sports Boxing Gym Duffle Bag

Does your fighter like to practice at a gym? Consider gifting them a high-quality bag to safely transport all their gear to and from practice. This duffle’s mesh pockets act as organizers so your loved one can reach their equipment easily and quickly. 


Plus, a shoe compartment keeps sneakers and socks away from clean clothes and sanitary items. A mesh pocket that allows for air ventilation also provides a stench-free place to keep damp towels, shirts and gloves. 

5. Venom Challenger Mouthguard 

Protect fragile teeth and gums with a Venom Challenger mouthguard. A Nexfit gel frame offers more comfort and better adjustment than generic brands. Plus, its top of the line design promotes optimal breathing during fights. 


The rubber frame absorbs shock to prevent missing teeth and better protect the lips, jaw, arches and gums. Your purchase also includes a sanitary case so your MMA fan can take it anywhere.

6. UFC MMA 8oz Sparring Glove

Of course, your favorite competitor needs a winning pair of gloves to protect his money makers. Why not give him these UFC MMA sparring gloves? One-inch foam extends over the knuckles to disperse impacts and enhance comfort. 


Additional padding over the thumb and between the knuckle and wrist also offers better protection for long training sessions. The gloves’ soft synthetic leather exteriors are tear-resistant and durable so your loved one won’t have to worry about buying a replacement pair anytime soon. 

7. Meister Glove Deodorizers

If your fighting man is a true MMA fan, he’ll likely put those new gloves through the ringer. Eventually, excess moisture from frequent use can cause them to stink. However, unpleasant odors can be prevented by using Meister glove deodorizers. 


These fabric nunchucks are aromatic and feature a high-quality flannel exterior that absorbs moisture and keeps gloves hygienic. Choose from lavender, cedar, cologne and fresh linen scents to keep your mitts smelling fresh for many months to come. 

8. Sanabul Elastic Professional Handwraps

You might also add to their gear collection by gifting them a pair of professional handwraps. These elastic wraps will support their wrists and protect their knuckles, even under their gloves. 


Some of the heaviest hands in the business — including Mike Lee and Michael Bisping — have worn Sanabul handwraps, so you know they’re high quality. The polyester material will keep hands cool during a fight and wick away moisture to accelerate drying times. 

9. Bxtracker Intelligent Boxing Tracker

Whether your MMA fan is a beginner or expert boxer, they can benefit from these punch trackers. View punch output in real time and sync with the Bxtracker app to monitor your progress. 


Simply strap these high-quality devices around each wrist to track hand movement. Each one tracks punches 1,000 times per second, detecting the number, type and velocity of each strike. Plus, they’ll withstand extreme training, so you can track your monthly and yearly progression. 

10. Cyfie Boxing Kick and Hand Pads

Depending on which type of fighting your MMA fan is into, they may have to use their legs to defend themselves. 


Help them improve their arm and leg reflexes with lightweight boxing pads. This set includes kick and hand pads so your loved one can easily train with a partner. They also come with adjustable arm and wrist bands to fit guys of all shapes and sizes. 

11. Sanabul Essentials Short Sleeve Rash Guard 

Wrestlers must have high-quality apparel and gear when they enter the ring. However, many novices don’t realize the importance of rash guards. This protective layer will shield the skin and body from rough takedowns and the effects of rolling around on the mat for hours. 


Rash guards can also provide muscle compression, which can help prevent injury and friction burns. This specific brand offers seven different colors so you can pick ones that match your MMA fan’s style. 

12. Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoe 

Every good fighter knows proper footwork is the key to success. What you put on your feet matters and may be the difference between a win and a loss. Give your favorite MMA fan the gift of good footing with Adidas’ wrestling shoes. 


These synthetic leather and suede shoes have a flat sole and smooth pivot points to help you ground down before striking an opponent. Choose between five colors.

13. Your Choice Cooling Towel

Good training sessions inevitably entail buckets of sweat, which is why gifting your MMA fan with some cooling towels is a brilliant idea. This pack of four polyester towels features mesh fibers that offer instant chill. 


They’re also highly absorbent, breathable and hyper-evaporative so they won’t stink up a gym bag. Each towel will stay cool for hours. When you’re ready to reactivate it, all you have to do is soak it and wring it out. 

14. Suck UK Laundry Basket

Make chores fun again with the Suck UK laundry bag. This polyester canvas hanging bag looks like a classic boxing punch bag to match your MMA lover’s passion for the sport. Once it’s full of dirty clothes, they can even use it to practice their left hook. 


When they’re done throwing punches, they can easily pull the drawstring and carry the bag to the laundry room using its fabric carry handle.

15. Pain Relief Hemp Cream

After hours of pounding away at punching bags and grappling dummies, your MMA fan will want to nurse their knuckles and wrists back to health. Help them relieve any pain and repair their hands with hemp cream. This brand uses natural hemp extract, omega-3 fatty acids, aloe vera and skin vitamins to revive dry skin and minimize inflammation and bruising.

16. Vintage Wrestling Art Poster Prints 

For the creative on your list, you might buy vintage wrestling posters. This set of six depicts iconic wrestling patents to capture the sport’s spirit of innovation and engineering. While one might include a diagram of a helmet, another might dissect the important elements of a shoe. Pick out some frames to go with the prints for the perfect gift. 

17. Rocky Balboa Italian Stallion Boxing Robe

Yo, Adrian! If this Italian Stallion robe was good enough for Rocky, it’s good enough for your MMA fan. This edition is black and gold and made of polysatin for a silky smooth fit. Once they slip into this bad boy, they’ll never want to leave the couch, making it the perfect robe for watching fight night. 

18. WWE Authentic Wear World Commemorative Title Belt

When MMA fighters win the world championship, they get to strap on the iconic title belt. Winners will keep their belt and fight to defend it as long as they compete, adding a ruby after each title defense. Now, your favorite fan can have their own commemorative title belt. This simulated leather replica is exact-scale, measuring 4 feet, 4 inches long. It also comes in a black cloth bag with the new WWE logo on it. 

19. “I’m Watching MMA” Funny Ankle Socks

Whether your fan is a couch potato or a dedicated wrestler, they’re sure to love these ankle socks. The bottoms read “Do not disturb. I’m watching MMA,” so everyone knows to leave the remote where it is when he’s in front of the TV. Plus, the letters feature non-slip grip so he can get out there and safely throw some punches, too. 

20. Speedy Pros Customizable Winter Hat

In the ring, fighters wear as little as they can and sweat buckets. However, when your fan is facing the chilly winter winds, they’ll be happy to slip into some winter gear. Help them rep their love of wrestling — even under a coat — with this embroidered skull cap. This beanie has a tiny pair of boxing gloves on the front with space for you to add their favorite wrestler’s name above them. 

21. UFC Fight Club Membership

If your brother, father, son or friend already has all the MMA gear they could possibly need, consider giving them a UFC Fight Club Membership. For less than $100, they can connect with their favorite fighters, enjoy exclusive benefits like presale tickets and merchandise, participate in the premium forum and more.

22. Connor McGregor’s Proper 12

For the 21 and older crowd, there’s Proper 12. This triple-distilled Irish whiskey includes tasting notes of sweet honey, smooth vanilla and toasted wood to add complexity and make for easy sipping. A fine grain and single malt blend ensure a high-quality tipple to enjoy during fight night. The best part is, Connor McGregor founded this brand and created the unique Proper 12 blend himself. Slainte!

23. XTEND Original BCAA Powder

The world’s leading BCAA brand has been perfecting recovery since 2004 and has formulated the ideal blend to help your fighter recover faster than ever. This drink mix adds electrolytes to help them rehydrate before, during and after their sparring sessions. 


You can also choose between flavors like mango, rainbow sherbert, blue raspberry, grape, watermelon, knockout fruit punch and more. 

24. Legiral Massage Gun

Recovery day also calls for a therapeutic massage. Hitting up the masseuse can get expensive, so why not gift your loved one a massager they can use whenever they want? The Legiral portable massage gun is perfect for athletes who want to relax and work out knots in their deep tissue. 


Six massage heads and 20 speed settings provide power to reach 16 millimeters into soft tissue without making a ton of noise. Now, they can relax, recover and save money doing it. 

25. Khabib Nurmagomedov Papakha Hat

Longtime MMA fans know Khabib Nurmagomedov for his undefeated career — and his papakha hat. The Russian lightweight champion frequently wore this fluffy white hat after fights and during promotional events out of pride for his Avar culture. Now, your fan can wear one too with this unisex lambskin cap. 


Simply tighten a string inside the hat to adjust its size and fit. Fluff it up even more with a hair drier or brush or beat it with a long stick to fluff it out and destress at the same time. 

Going the Extra Mile

Of course, one or two of the gift ideas above should be enough to impress your favorite fan. However, if money is no object, you might consider gifting them tickets to a UFC fight. Cageside seats to high-profile events can cost thousands of dollars, but it’ll give your fan an experience they’ll never forget. 


If you don’t have thousands to blow but would still like to go the extra mile, look for MMA memorabilia with fighter autographs. These items will always be valuable and collectible. Plus, they make an eye-catching and impressive addition to any fighter’s man cave. 

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