Sleek Hardware from Starchitect David Adjaye, Courtesy of Izé

Above: David Adjave, photo via Izé.

Most of us will never live in a house designed by David Adjaye, the celebrated London-based architect, but one could add a touch of his aesthetic with his hardware line for Izé: “Adjaye has worked closely with us to create a series of products that take familiar forms and subvert them,” the Izé founders say, “from the ubiquitous language of bent and welded tube to the angular wedge knob.”

Here’s a look:

Above: The Bathroom Turn in brass (also available in other materials).

Above: The Long Pull Handle  “bends a tube with two right angles at each end, so that it stands suitably proud of the door.” For pricing, contact Izé.
Above: The Ana T-lever handle “combines two lengths of tube at  right angles, to provide a comfortable and elegant lever with a slightly surprising aesthetic.”
Above: The Bathroom Turn.

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