Appropriation In The Coffee Industry

We hope you’re enjoying our newest coffee podcast In Good Taste with host Ever Meister. If you haven’t already—please listen to the first two episodes out now. But even if you’re not all caught up, you can still jump right in to episode three—which takes on the subject of appropriation in the coffee industry.

In the first of a two-part episode, we explore the far-reaching effects of appropriation in the coffee industry—and beyond. What does it mean to “borrow” images, language, icons, and other cultural elements in order to create and promote our coffee brands? And, perhaps more importantly, how do we make things right when we realize we’ve done wrong?

For the next two shows, we’ll be exploring the transition Wonderstate Coffee from its former name and brand of Kickapoo Coffee, which was changed after company leadership came to terms with the history of appropriation that its former moniker represented.

In this first episode, we’ll hear from Wonderstate co-owner TJ Semanchin, as well as Lester Randall, tribal chairman of the Kickapoo Tribe In Kansas, as they discuss the intent and the impact of the company’s original name and share their healing journey.

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Part two will follow TJ and his business partner, Caleb Nicholes, as they navigated the complicated waters of actually putting their words into deed.

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