Celebrate International Rosé Day with

Happy International Rosé Day! Let’s look into this blush pink wine that has captured the hearts of many wine lovers.

Straddling the line between a white and a red, Rosé is a crisp and delicious summertime drink. While enjoyed all year round, Rosé is a great wine to sip on during the warm weather when red wine might not be your first choice.

Rosé comes from when the skins of red grapes are exposed to the wine for a short period. Compared to red wine that ferments for weeks or longer with the red grape skins, Rosé is steeped for around 1-20 hours. Depending on the winemaker, they will choose when they think the perfect color has been achieved.  The darker the Rosé, the longer the grapes have fermented.

Celebrate International Rosé Day

Celebrate International Rosé Day

There are plenty of Rosés to try on the market. Typically, they will have notes of red fruit, flowers, citrus, and melon. It tends to have a fruity flavor with a crisp brightness. When it comes to choosing a bottle, there will be a range from dry to sweet Rosé wines. When the wine is sweeter, the grapes used include White Zinfandel, Moscato, or White Merlot. For a drier Rosé, the grapes that are used are often Grenache, Syrah, Pinot Noir, etc.

Because Rosé is a cross between a white and a red, it often pairs great with most foods. This pairing includes spicy food, sushi, salads, BBQ favorites, different types of pasta, etc. Honestly, the possibilities are endless — sparkling Rosé, which is often a party drink, goes well with fruity desserts.

In recent years, Rosé has become increasingly popular; it’s not just because it looks pretty in pictures either. The light and refreshing beverage is a summer staple, but it’s also great for all-year sipping. This means you don’t need to buy this wine with a season in mind.

Now, celebrate the day with a bottle of this delicious blush pink wine.

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