Must Mix: Amaro and Stormy

Amaro & Sherry, featured image

As consumers look for a lower ABV option, sipping on an Amaro cocktail is a great way to achieve that.

The Italian herbal liqueur is a wonderful staple to have on hand. Amaro is trending, and it’s going to continue to become more and more popular. This weekend when you are looking for something delicious to sip on, try this Amaro & Stormy!

Amaro & Sherry, featured image

Amaro & Sherry

“Amaro and Stormy”

Recipe by Nicola Scattola


  • 45 ml. Amaro Nardini
  • 100 ml. Ginger beer
  • 15 ml. Lime juice
  • 1 fresh mint sprig

Preparation: Build in a tall tumbler and mix gently. Garnish with fresh mint leaves.

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