Celebrate National Screwdriver Day with Monkey in Paradise

Looking for vacation in a glass?

Even a simple Screwdriver is a tropical delight when made with Monkey In Paradise Premium Vodka. When it comes to making a Screwdriver, quality counts; fresh juice and premium vodka are essential!

Monkey In Paradise Family Bottles Krall

Monkey In Paradise Family

Monkey in Paradise is distilled and carbon filtered seven times to achieve the smoothest, purest vodka possible. The distillation process starts with a proprietary five ppm reverse osmosis system that demineralizes the water. This unique method ensures they’re starting with a truly pure base. The vodka is filtered in copper stills allowing the sulfite levels to be naturally reduced for a pure, clean taste. Finally, they charcoal filter and allow the alcohol and water to rest together at four different proof levels. This process of additional filtering and age settling results in a delicious, award winning spirit that’s perfect for toasting National Screwdriver Day.

Monkey in Paradise Screwdriver

Screwdriver in Paradise

Screwdriver in Paradise


  • 2 oz. Monkey In Paradise
  • 6 oz. Fresh Orange Juice

Preparation: Build cocktail in a glass with ice and enjoy! If desired, swap two ounces of OJ for mango juice for a tropical twist.

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