Meet Chilled 100 Portland Member Megan Radke

Megan Radke is one of our Portland Chilled 100 Members. 

She is currently bartending at Seattle’s vegan and dog-friendly darling bar called Victoria. We spoke to Megan about some of her best bartending tips and the craft of creating cocktails.



What inspired you to become a bartender? 

I was a part-time barista and found myself making coffee at a bar in my early twenties. I was immediately interested in all the different stories behind each bottle and the endless flavor combinations. 


Who has been most influential in your development as a bartender? 

I would have to say each and every coworker I’ve had has been the most influential. Everyone brings a little something different to the table and I’ve had the honor to learn a lot from many people. 


Do you have any advice for novice or at home bartenders? 

I oftentimes find the simpler the ingredients the better, you don’t need 45 different flavors happening at one time for a unique cocktail. 


What is your favorite ingredient right now and why? 

I love playing with the seasons. It’s cold here in Portland right now, so playing with teas or baking spices is nice. 


How do you go about creating a cocktail? Is there a specific process or simply moment of inspiration? 

I usually start with a particular ingredient I’ve been vibing with lately. From there decide with spirit would complement it best and then balance it out from there. 


Do you have a special technique you use or a tip for making a particular drink? 

Get a frother for your egg-white cocktails, I’m all about working smarter. 


Where do you see the bartending/cocktail culture headed? 

I’m seeing a lot of more alcohol free and CBD drinks popping up and I am here for that party! 





The Glassy Conquistador


  • 1 1/2 oz Wilderton (Earthen) 
  • 1 oz Match Green Tea Simple Syrup 
  • 1/2 oz Lemon juice 
  • 1 egg white 
  • 2 dashes Regan’s Orange bitters 

Preparation: Crack an egg in your shaker, add the rest of the ingredients, use your egg frother to get some good foam forming, add ice and shake, double strain into a coupe, garnish with a light dusting of matcha green tea. 





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