Something positive has come from this : Coffee

Hi r/coffee, huge fan. I’ve learned a lot here and I thank you for that.

The time I have spent at home being furloughed has been phenomenal. I just upgraded my gear a bit and I finally have time to dial in my pourover:

Decent single origin beans from a local roaster

Baratza Encore @ 15 setting

Two scoops beans from Hario measuring scoop M-12C (This is around 30 g of beans but I believe a scale may help with my consistency)

500 ml purified water (the water purifier made a humongous difference)


Hoffman V60 technique to the best of my ability with an old school kettle

Takes about 2.5 mins to get to 500.

Any suggestions other than a gooseneck and good scale?

Man oh man I’m loving this drip. Stay safe out there.

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