The Waylanders Is Coming to Steam Early Access This Year

The time travelling RPG The Waylanders is coming to Steam Early Access this year and the developers have now shared more about the companions.

The Waylanders Is Coming to Steam Early Access This Year

Gato Studio the developer behind upcoming Celtic mythology inspired time travelling RPG The Waylanders, has announced the title will be coming to Steam Early Access in summer 2020. It takes its inspiration from titles such as Dragon AgeMass Effect and Pillars of Eternity as well as Baldur’s Gate, so if you are fan of these kind of games, this could be up your alley.

The game has a number of companions that can assist you in your party, as you travel between both Celtic and Medieval time periods. The Waylanders sets to bring a multitude of choice for players when to comes to playstyle, as there are 6 basic classes and 30 advanced classes to sink your teeth into.


Gato has 9 characters to introduce, each with their own back story, personalities and unique look.


A Master Druid, Amergin is a member of the court of the King Ith. His general character is bright, inspired and excited about life. He has the power of magic, and know through the court for his charm and quick wit. He believes wholeheartedly that the world has fallen out of balance, and is devoted to making a change.

He was also discovered at rather young age to possess magical powers, and was sent to the Mage’s College to hone his skills, but has little knowledge of how things work in the outside world. While he sounds like a stand-up guy he also has his weaknesses which include closed-mindedness when it comes to things that oppose the Celtic way of life.


While studious and serious, Berath can come across quite blunt as quiet immortal professor. Although first impressions may make him look cold and analytical, he’s a gentle soul, not afraid to make a snarky comment or two out of jest. He has a love of crafting, cooking and plants, but also has great knowledge of the bow.

Mourians tend to have a real zest for life and enjoy a bit of drama, but Berath on the overhand likes to embrace his immortality . He shows a real appreciation in the smallest details in life.


The youngest out of the offspring of the Fomorian king, she is only centuries old and the youngest in the Fomorian clan. Her mother disappeared when she was a child, which has led her to have an obsession in searching the human world for answers. She also hopes to show humankind that Fomorians are not monsters.

Fomorians are huge in stature, and Delba is not different. On the surface, the humans find her scary which she finds rather funny. She can be tough and hands-on when she needs to be, but prefers to enjoy playing music or telling a dirty joke amongst friends.


In his early twenties he was a Greek mercenary, and Heraklios loves nothing more than glory, he takes it so seriously that he’ll often level the playing field in honor of fairness. He’s fan of standing up for injustice which sometimes gets him in trouble, especially when he sticks his nose in, where he’s not wanted.

Although confident in combat, outside of this realm he’s on the awkward side, but is good-natured and bursting with bravado. He also has quite the knowledge on Greek legends and myths to any who will listen…or even to those who don’t.


The oldest sibling in the Mero family, where home is The Kingdom of Kush. She was sent to Egypt as a young girl, to be taught in the best schools of Alexandria. Skilled in a dozens of languages. Knows a lot about the pantheons of Nubian and Egyptian gods and goddesses off the top of her head.

While proud of her heritage, Khaldun prefers to wear clothing that reflects her Egyptian culture. She hones necormantic powers from her faith in the Egyptian pantheon and devotion to the god Osiris.


A tough rogue who savours violence for the sake of violence, Mal is devoted to bring down monsters. While she’s rather a quiet soul, she’d rather keep people at arms length.

Mal has a distinct golden eye and uses her knives if you get too close. Legend has it she lost her eye years ago in a fight with a monster and husband at the time, a Mourian man. She was saved by imbuing magic into her empty eye socket. An interesting but gruesome detail is that she can use deceased creatures or human eyes in that socket as see how that individual died.


Afflicted with the curse of the werewolf, Rea’s clan has evolving into a more lupine generation. Rea was the first of her kind to be born without speech. While she walks like a beast on all fours, she is more clever and empathetic than most humans.

Rea hopes to the victim fallen to the corruption in the land will one day be cured, and if magic the resolution for the cure then so be it. She also hopes that she will gain the power of speech, and practices every day to try talk and walk on her hind legs.


Brigg is nearly 50 years old, and if easily the oldest non-immortal to your party in The Waylanders. Previously Brigg had been the commander for the King Ith’s army, until she was ordered to step down and let their protegee Tiana take the lead. Brigg is in full support of Tiana, and is their advisor.

Born in the small village not far from Brigantia, they ran away to join the military when only a teenager. Quite the introvert, which can get in the way sometimes.


A goblin from Aunes, Trasté hails from the coast. The youngest of the trasnos, who don’t care for the trivial human problems, but Trasté is unique in this sense. Trasté hopes to connect with people and even wishes to be one. Is it possible transform Trasté into their desired form?

The characters in The Waylanders are shaping up to be rather intriguing, Trasté seems interesting as they have a desire to be human, wondering if they will ever get their wish. We look forward to hearing more about The Waylanders, and it’s one you should keep your eye on.

The Waylanders will be releasing on Steam Early Access this summer.

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