What is the best 1Zpresso grinder for Bialetti / filter coffee? : Coffee

Everyone seems to know about 1Zpresso and their manual grinders crushing the competition. There is this posting on a chinese (I think?) forum: https://www.mobile01.com/topicdetail.php?f=640&t=5747652&p=74 comparing different manual grinders, the 1Zpresso JS is best for grind consistency (along the much more expensive OE APEX).

1Zpresso advertises the JS and the K-Pro as best suited for filter coffee / Chemex / Bialetti (no espresso) – which would fit my use-case perfectly as I am mostly using a Bialetti.

But if the JS is already so good – is there a point moving to the K-Pro? Unfortunately, the chinese forum poster only tested the K-Plus (don’t ask me what the differences between the K-Pro and the K-Plus are). Anyone here who knows if the K-Pro is even better than the JS? What is the difference between K-Plus and K-Pro?

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