8 Easy Champagne Cocktails to Make on New Year’s Eve

What’s New Year’s Eve without a little Champagne? This year, instead of toasting with a plain ol’ glass of bubbly, get fancy with one of these Champagne cocktails that crank the holiday spirit into high gear. With each having four ingredients or less, they’re as fun and festive as they are easy to make, leaving you plenty of time to actually celebrate instead of crafting cocktails until midnight.

Champagne Cocktail
Champagne, Angostura bitters, sugar, lemon twist
It’s impossible to go wrong with this classic that creates the perfect balance of sweet, tangy, and bright. There’s a reason it’s on the list of the International Bartender’s Association’s official cocktails. See recipe

Cham Cham
Champagne, Chambord, fresh raspberries
So pretty, so festive, and so easy to make — the Cham Cham is definitely one of our go-to New Year’s Eve concoctions. It’s sure to be a hit, even with those who aren’t fans of sweet or fruity drinks. See recipe

Death in the Afternoon
Champagne, absinthe
A dangerous combination, but if you’re going to do it, it might as well be on New Year’s Eve. Just be sure to alternate cocktails with water lest you feel like death the following afternoon. See recipe

Forbidden Apple
Champagne, Calvados, Grand Marnier, Angostura bitters
This updated twist on the classic Champagne Cocktail feels warm and toasty thanks to apple brandy, while bright orange liqueur keeps it light and fresh. See recipe

French 75
Champagne, gin, lemon juice, sugar
Another elegant go-to for New Year’s Eve — or really any time, if we’re being honest. Try the version made famous in New Orleans by swapping the gin for cognac. See recipe

Rose Champagne, Campari, gin, vermouth
While Champagne cocktails do tend to be on the sugary side, gin, vermouth, and Campari make the Mariel an ideal sip for those who favor more bitter drinks. It’s a festive and slightly sweeter take on the classic Negroni. See recipe

Pomegranate Spritzer
Champagne, pomegranate liqueur
This cocktail removes the hard work of deseeding the season’s favorite fruit by using pomegranate liqueur instead. It’s a simple and refreshing libation that can be made in mere seconds. See recipe

Spiced Pear Bellini
Champagne, pear brandy, pear nectar, nutmeg or cinnamon
Bubbly pairs perfectly with pears, which are currently in peak season. Though this recipe calls for pear nectar, we suggest pureeing up a fresh and juicy Anjou pear instead. A hint of nutmeg or cinnamon makes the Spiced Pear Bellini decidedly appropriate for winter. See recipe

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