Trials of Mana Day One Update Detailed

Trials of Mana Day One Update Detailed

Square Enix shares details for day one update, version 1.01 for Trials of Mana, which will launch on April 24th.

Trials of Mana Day One Update Detailed

Upcoming remake Trials of Mana has gotten some new details for the day one patch. Square Enix outlines some info for version 1.01 which will release on launch day April 24th. This includes adding three dash methods, Normal, Continuous and Automatic, plus minor bug fixes. PC players should note that they will need to still update after installing the game.

Trials of Mana follows an interwoven tale with intertwined destinies. Depending on which character you choose to play and companions, the story will unravel an adventure. This remake gives Trials of Mana a new 3D updated look, adding new mechanics, character voice over support and a different gameplay view from the original top down. It also includes a new class, reconstructed levelling system as well as more active battles.

You can check out the official details for the day one patch below:

  • Added the “Dash Method” option – This allows you to choose from one of the following three dash methods:
    • Normal – Press the dash button to enter the dash state. To return to normal speed, either press the button again, stop moving, or enter battle.
    • Continuous – Press the dash button to enter the dash state. Return to normal speed is only possible by pressing the button again. Otherwise, you will remain in the dash state even after you stop and move again, or after the end of a battle.
    • Automatic – Automatically enters the dash state after one second of movement.
  • Minor bug fixes, etc.

(The PC version does not include this update in the base product. It will still need to download and apply the update after the base product has been installed.)

Trials of Mana will release internationally on Playstation 4, Switch and PC via Steam on April 24th. You can also check out a demo that’s now available on all platforms, with transferable date for when the game launches.

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