Intel’s first 7nm Xe graphics cards are in pre-alpha testing

Back in November, Intel detailed its supercomputer ambition with Ponte Vecchio—a 7nm GPU built with the Intel Xe architecture. Now, Intel’s maiden data centre graphics card has appeared in pre-alpha form, according to a registration on the EEC, way ahead of its 2021 release window.

The Ponte Vecchio RVP (reference validation platform) GPU is likely a far cry from the Xe chip that will one day make its way into the US Department of Energy’s Aurora supercomputer in 2021—powered by Intel Xe, OneAPI, and Sapphire Rapids Xeon CPUs. It’s not yet possible to say what state Ponte Vecchio is in. All we know is that Intel’s reportedly working up to a “V5” version of the would-be GPU, and comes in a familiar form factor as an add-in card.

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