Final Fantasy 14’s main story is getting streamlined in its summer update

Final Fantasy 14 is an excellent MMO with some of the best storytelling out of any game in the series, but the first 50 levels are a drag compared to the much cooler expansions. That’s why Square Enix announced last year that it was planning to overhaul the original story of A Realm Reborn, shortening it and removing a lot of the grind so that new players can get to the good stuff much quicker. And, during a developer livestream, director Naoki Yoshida revealed that overhaul was coming in the next major update.

Jokingly dubbed A Realm Revamped, members of the FF14 subreddit have translated the Japanese livestream to reveal exactly how the original story is changing. According to that translation, roughly 13 percent of the original campaign has been cut entirely, with other quests being streamlined to reduce the number of steps required to complete them. At the same time, experience point and gear rewards will be boosted to help players level up a little quicker—enough that players will no longer have to complete sidequests in order to reach level 50.

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