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Hello, fellow redditors.

I’ve been following r/coffee for awhile and I’ve finally decided to reach out to you for advice.

I’ve been brewing with Bialletti Brikka for the past year and a half and 2 months ago I decided to branch out into V60. I also have a French press but haven’t explored it because I get a lot of fines with my current grinder resulting in a muddy cup.

I strated with a cheap Hario ceramic burr grinder like most of you but I found a reasonably priced, unused Lido 3 and will be switching over to that next week hopefully.

Now, I’ve tried quite a few beans in the past two months with V60 and JH’s V60 brewing method. I was able to distinguish the obvious differences in acidity, fruitiness, body from cup to cup but the more subtle notes were very hard to identify. I am hopeful that changing to Lido 3 from Hario will be enough to bring out everything the beans have to offer. Along with a better grinder, I am now looking for better beans and came here for advice.

Here are the links with beans offered from several Istanbul based roasters, that are known to get it right:





Hope there isn’t a language problem, most of the bean branding is in English.

I’ve seen quite a few bean suggestion threads here, but was looking for something more tailored to where I am.

Not looking for any notes in particular, just want to taste new ones to up my coffee game.

Sorry for the long, a bit all over the place, possibly dumb post. Just really excited about coffee lately.

TLDR: Looking for bean suggestions from the links above for V60, Moka Pot (Bialletti Brikka) for more complex (specific fruits, nuts, floral) notes.

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