Diablo 3 screens from the Blizzard North era reveal a ‘darker’ original vision

Diablo 3 has evolved over the years into another big Blizzard success, but it wasn’t universally loved when it was new. One of the biggest criticisms it faced was over the art direction, which many fans felt was too bright and colorful for the series, when compared to the oppressive darkness of the first two games.

It wasn’t originally envisioned that way, however. “New” screens recently collected at PureDiablo suggest that in the early stages of development, Diablo 3 actually looked much more akin to Diablo 2 than it ultimately ended up being. The images were originally posted several months ago by Oscar Cuesta, a former artist at original Diablo studio Blizzard North, which was shuttered in 2005, but they went unnoticed until they ended up on the Diablo fan site.

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