Rumour: Playstation 5 Event Expected To Take Place in Early June

Rumour: Playstation 5 Event Expected To Take Place in Early June

Sony may be holding a PS5 event as soon as June according to a recent report.

Rumour: PS5 Event Expected To Take Place in Early June

Sony has been keeping things pretty close to the chest in terms of unveiling their next-generation console Playstation 5. But in a recent report by Venture Beat, Sony has shared they are aiming to hold some sort of event on June 4th. However this may have shifted, but still staying within the window of June.

For what the event will show, Venture Beat shares that next-gen games will be revealed but concentrating on third-party titles and first-party. However it seems uncertain whether the actual console will be revealed itself. Up until this point we have yet to see the console in all it’s glory.

Unreal Engine 5 uses dynamic lighting surpassing current-gen capabilities

The article reveals that Sony are still putting together other events for the summer, which includes a new State of Play set for August. State of Play will look at both current and next-generation titles that are on the way.

What titles can we expect? Well this includes the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn and Marvel’s Spider-Man as first-party titles. Sony also recently revealed their own umbrella brand for first-party titles Playstation

We recently got to see a tech demo playing on PS5, which shows some very promising capabilities, and amazing details in terms of graphics. Hopefully Sony will be ready to reveal a bit more as we’re eager for more reveals. So far not confirmation on these predictions by Sony, but we’ll keep you posted.

Playstation 5 will release in the holidays 2020.

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