What developers must know about master data management

Until now, as a developer, you’ve been able to develop specialized mobile applications, APIs, and internal workflow applications without a lot of interference from the data architecture, analytics, and marketing departments. Now, for the first time, they’re asking you about integrating a new application you are developing with an MDM (master data management) platform.

If you’re trying to understand what master data management is all about, you’re not alone. The practice has a rich history. Modern systems appeared in the 1990s, but they weren’t easy to adopt. Many businesses struggle to maintain clean customer contact lists, improve data quality, and institute proactive data governance, but it’s only been in the past several years that master data management has become more mainstream.

As more companies invest in analytics, improve customer experiences, and respond to increasing regulations, organizations can drive significant competitive advantages with a master data management program.

To understand what these systems do, it’s best to consider a working example.

Improving the retail customer experience with master data management

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