Michigan Gov. Whitmer says she censors herself when speaking about Trump to ensure continued federal assistance : politics

she has a very high approval rate in residents for the handling of the pandemic. the news is airing a minor group that is being manipulated by a pac funded by sec of education to encourage open rebellion in a state.
trump would like her better if she wore a blonde wig and kissed his ass not likely to happen w our governor, sos, or AG (re the twitter complaining of trump the last two weeks)

what you don’t see on the news is the pandemic stay at home plan phases developed w state health and business leaders to determine how and when to relax the orders and what measures to put in place at businesses.
there have been several long press meetings where they’ve explained how the state will reopen in phases by region and the benchmarks they’re monitoring for cases and hospital utilization.
the largest employers in the state and economic councils helped write the plan.
it’s based on the Lear Playbook that Lear corp wrote as they had a head start on learning how to deal w the virus internationally. haven’t seen other states but the michigan plan is a well thought out process that factors in employee safety and the health system capacity in each region of the state

but Devos and non-michigan based personnel want to use the pandemic to make a political case against whitmer as a democrat governor since she is on Biden’s campaign team

rate of infections decreases following the michigan plan. other states not so good. first outer parts of the state opened this weekend and we will see what happens over the next two weeks. a lot of people went up north for the holiday.

and while it’s a a few percent mortality globally it’s ~10% mortality in michigan for known tested cases. sure some people have it and don’t get tested and recover but likely close to a similar percentage had it and died at home without ever being tested

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