Twitter PWA picks up a simple tweet scheduler in latest update

Twitter is finally pushing out a feature that has been seen in early testing for the last few weeks to more users. The ability to schedule your tweets to send automatically is now rolling out to Twitter’s website as spotted ITPRoToday’s Richard Hay.

The scheduling feature lets you pick the time, day, date, and even year you want the tweet to be sent. Such features have traditionally existed in paid premium apps or even Twitter’s own TweetDeck, but now the super useful feature should be available to anyone.

Twitter Scheduler Pwa

Twitters new tweet scheduler is live on its website and PWAs.Source: Windows Central

For those on Windows 10, there are a few options for using Twitter. We can confirm that the Microsoft Store version, which itself is a progressive web app (PWA), now has the feature. Additionally, if you are using Microsoft Edge as your browser and have used the “install as an app” function, you should also see the scheduler.

The feature, of course, should show up in any browser you are using. But so far, we have not seen the feature on iOS or Android Twitter apps just yet.

Twitter Dms Pwa

Twitter is experimenting with faster access to DMs.Source: Windows Central

Twitter has been testing many new smaller features to its service. The PWA was recently updated with better multi-account support and DM reactions. Another one we spotted this week that appears to be in early A/B testing is floating direct messages. While users can now choose DMs from the left side menu, this new version leaves a small DM window on the lower right. Clicking it expands the list, letting you access your DMs without leaving the main Twitter feed or any other section. Using it feels much like a traditional chat app, similar to how Facebook operates with its Messenger.

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