Kurasu x Style Iced Coffee : Coffee

Been messing around with the Kurasu x Style Iced Coffee technique, really intrigued because I’ve always had issues with my homemade ice picking up freezer aromas when doing typical Japanese Iced Coffee.

Followed their recipe, with a few mods: • used a Kalita Wave, not a V60. • Instead of hand-swirling in a glass carafe, used a Koriko cocktail tin in a sous vide ice water bath, set to the lowest temperature.

The rest followed the video: • 13g, 208 water • 50g bloom & drain for 1 min, set aside • 3 even pours to get to 158g • chill larger pour in ice bath until it hits 15° (59°F), add in 50g bloom, then chill back to 15°

Not gonna lie, it’s a slight pain in the ass, but MAN I dig the texture and detail. FWIW, I also usually like English cask beers, so don’t mind the “not quite cold” cellar-ish cool temp. The mouthfeel alone makes it worthwhile.

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