Rancilio Silva vs Gaggia classic Pro : Coffee


I am, as with a lot of other people lately apparently, looking for an entry-level espresso machine.

I watched this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajvUwRZ524I

Which basically comes down to either the Gaggia Classic pro or the Rancilio Silvia v6.

Other reviews of the Gaggia classic pro say that the boiler in the Gaggia is too small to deliver enough steam for 1 milk drink. Is this true?

Alternatively, in the video at 7:40 they show that the Rancilio Silvia takes over 2 minutes to heat up for steaming! Whereas the Gaggia classic pro only takes 49 seconds. That alone would make me want the Gaggia classic pro.

So, which one should I choose? Do you have any experiences with either or both? Or would you recommend a different machine entirely?

Edit: excuse the typo in the title…….

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