Picked up a sieve at the grocery store because it was an uncommonly fine mesh. : Coffee

I’m no stranger to using paper towels since I used to have an Infinity, but never really felt the need with the Encore. While grocery shopping yesterday I passed this “18/8 Stainless Steel RSVP Endurance” sieve for $11 at Fresh Market, decided why the hell not. This morning I ground up some of a George Howell El Injerto Gesha, used the sieve over a paper plate and put the grinds in my Moccamaster. It really only added less than a minute to my morning routine and the return was really beautiful. I can’t say I’d go anymore complicated than this with a Kruve or anything… but I think it’s entirely worth doing for my more expensive bags. For $11 and minimal effort, that was a really solid cup of coffee and I didn’t put it down until it was gone. I decided to bag up the fines and attempt to pull a shot once they total 17g. Hopefully there’s some success there too.

Sharing this incase anyone was curious or interested in fine tuning their grinds but would never want to spring for an expensive set.

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