Did Doxxing of an Oklahoma Councilwoman Lead to a Neighbor Being Raped? : politics

I think I finally understand why some people say All Cops Are Bastards. Where is the backlash? Where is the outrage? For fuck’s sake, the PD had several officers openly publishing unredacted videos and police reports about her immediately after her political statements.

Seriously; how can any cop defenders think it is appropriate for officers to post unredacted videos and numerous unredacted police reports about someone simply because they don’t like that politician?

You aren’t human if you don’t feel sick about this:

“People were passing around my address on social media (and wherever else) for 2 weeks & making light of my experiences with assault and stalking,” she wrote. “I’ve received threatening messages and voicemails from men stating they, ‘hoped I didn’t need the police’ when something happened.”

And people on social media received her information from the police because they didn’t like her politics.


Scott claims those threats came to a head late last month. Her address, which was shared publicly, is in a duplex building. On June 27, someone broke into the other half of the duplex and assaulted Scott’s neighbor.

Shared publicly by the goddamn police of all people, explicitly for political revenge.


“She was raped by [a] stranger who broke into her side of our duplex last night. She had been out with her father, he dropped her off around Midnight and left. Then she was assaulted in her hallway,” Scott wrote in the now-deleted post. “Her rapist dug his elbow into her neck, pushed her into the wall, and told her ‘Maybe next time you’ll learn your lesson.’ He threw her on the ground and raped her.”

The attack, she said, was intended for her. “They got the wrong woman,” she wrote. 

Norman Police released a statement acknowledging the incident and the prior publication of the address on social media although, in a heavily redacted police report obtained by the Transcript, the incident is described as a burglary.

Fucking cops circling the wagons to protect their crooked officers and downplay the rape.

The article links to The Transcript which is about what happened after the rape. Check it out:

In a statement released Monday to The Transcript, NPD Capt. Brett Barbour said NPD responded to the scene at 12:45 a.m. Saturday on the 100 block of Crawford Court. The victim was transported to a local medical facility for evaluation and treatment, Barbour said.

I’m honestly hoping it is just a coincidence that the captain has the same last name as one of the officers that doxxed her. Probably not, knowing how these things go.

On Sunday, Norman Public Safety Information Officer Sarah Jensen said NPD responded to a report of a “home invasion and sexual assault” early Saturday morning in the area.

However, a heavily redacted report released Monday by NPD characterized the incident type as a “burglary.”

Completely normal, I guess.

“Continuance of the investigation into this incident will be conducted by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI),” Barbour said. “No further information is available at this time.”

Maybe the media should just skip Brett Barbour and go to James Barbour, who was so eager to published her police reports with unredacted information numerous times.

Barbour said the NPD is aware of concerns in the community regarding allegations that employees of the department were involved in the release of a citizen’s address.

“Allegation.” We have proof. They are gaslighting.

“We are aware of several social media messages being shared among the community

Shared among Norman police officers.

which include the address of a city council member,”

and details of past complaints of stalking and threats against her.

he said. “Any unlawful or unauthorized release of personal information of any person we contact is not acceptable.”

Then why the fuck do those cops still have jobs?

It happened under his watch. He is protecting the officers. He is equally responsible.

Barbour said in a statement that “available information indicates the information shared on social media by members of our community, including some off duty members of our agency, was obtained from the involved law enforcement agencies through public open records releases in accordance with Oklahoma state law.” 

“When the cops do it, it’s legal.”

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