Over 500,000 businesses got PPP loans but are listed as retaining zero jobs, Treasury Department data show : politics

The business I worked for took ppp money (found them in the database.) They laid me off even though I begged them not to because I needed a job to put down to get a new rental. Welp, now I’m jobless and homeless and fighting to get my owed unemployment. It’s impossible to get housing once you’re homeless.

For example, I’ve been denied because my work history is “unstable” because I’ve been unemployed for more than 60 days, I don’t have a verifiable current address that can be googled (even a private mailbox doesn’t work for this) , and low income housing? The waitlist is over 5 years. So many people have been calling in for housing assistance each month that they only take calls on the first where you leave a voicemail and if you’re lucky you might get an appointment to get on a waiting list. I am a single woman, but I don’t have kids, so I just have to wait (which I don’t begrudge it’s just a way citizens have to be pitted against each other.) I live in tents and motels now with my stuff in storage. Even private landlords want the same as big companies now and even sublets have to go through the same approval process as permanent tenants. I used to be able to find sublets that were under the table like ten years ago when I was in college. Now? Not anymore. So please don’t suggest that as if it’s a real solution.

Finally, the most fucked up thing is that I was waiting for my visa to Canada. I have work and housing there waiting for me, but they stopped visa draws and border crossing for non-essential. So I have to continue sleeping outside or in my car, getting bit by god knows what all the time, never getting refrigerated food, getting only showers here and there though motel nights because this fucking country can’t get its fucking act together. It’s like we are actively trying to make it worse. And then to see my former place of unemployment take money after it dumped us with nothing? It’s fucking despicable. And what hope do we have? To wait until January? Will it magically get better when you have chucklefucks like McConnell in power? America is designed to be cruel and unforgiving, this shit I’m going through is magnified by the pandemic, but make no mistake that the system is operating exactly as intended. We are living in a goddamn horror story now and the monster is on the loose now.

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