Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Bad Dad Brewing (Review) –

Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Bad Dad Brewing (Review)

Sometimes when you hold a beer can in your hand and read the brewery and beer name, it just speaks to you. Whether from common experience or simply good humor, today’s brewery definitely speaks to me.

Coming to us from Fairmount, IN, today’s brewery is simply called Bad Dad Brewing. and they’ve been kind enough to share five different of their current canned offerings. But before you jump to any personal conclusions, whether or not you had a bad dad, you can’t help but enjoy the beer names, and as you’ll see, the beers themselves.

Bad Dad was started in Fairmount, IN by a dad and his sons, and as they put it, “Ultimately, we believe that beer can bring people together. After all, it’s a family affair for us. Started by a dad and his sons, we’re focused on building something worth experiencing, sharing it with Northern Indiana, and having some fun while we’re at it. We brew big flavor beer on the path less traveled. Let us surprise you.”

Today we’ll be sampling five different beers from Bad Dad Brewing… off we go…Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Bad Dad Brewing (Review)

Bad Dad Brewing The Sodfather

ABV:  4.2%
Style:  Shandy
Packaging:  16oz Cans
Appearance:  Pale golden & slightly hazy
Aroma:   Citrus & lemon
Mouthfeel:   Medium & light carbonation
Taste:   Prominent citrus and lemon flavors lead to a subtle ginger aftertaste.
Overall:  Bad Dad The Sodfather is a the perfect lawnmower beer. It is sessionable and drinkable with just enough citrus and body to make it refreshing and satisfying.Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Bad Dad Brewing (Review)

Bad Dad Brewing Socks And Sandals

ABV:  5.1%
Style:  Blonde Ale
Packaging:  16oz Cans
Appearance:  Bright copper golden
Aroma:   Grains and slight citrus
Mouthfeel:   Medium & soft
Taste:   Mild malt flavors and subtle bitter hops.
Overall:  Bad Dad Socks And Sandals is a classic golden ale with a really nice overall balance. The beer finishes slightly sweet but really enjoyable. This one doesn’t stand out, but in a good way.

Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Bad Dad Brewing (Review)

Bad Dad Brewing Tapestry Of Obscenity

ABV:  6.3%
Style:  IPA
Packaging:  16oz Cans
Appearance:  Deep crystal clear golden color
Aroma:   Citrus & mild biscuit
Mouthfeel:   Full bodied
Taste:   Bright citrus leads the way with some late hop bitterness and slight grain sweetness.
Overall:  Bad Dad Tapestry Of Obscenity has an overall balance that leans toward the sweet and malty side of the IPA fence with a nice presence of citrus and dry grapefruit hops in the mix. The balance is nice but as a hop lover, I always want to taste more hops.Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Bad Dad Brewing (Review)

Bad Dad Brewing King Of The Castle

ABV:  7%
Style:  Scottish Ale
Packaging:  16oz Cans
Appearance:  Deep reddish mahogany
Aroma:   Sweet malt, malt and more malt
Mouthfeel:   Full bodied and chewy
Taste:   Sweet malt biscuit and toffee dominate the flavors as they should.
Overall:  Bad Dad King Of The Castle is a really classic Scottish-style ale. It leads with sweet malt and finishes with a caramel and toffee blend of flavors making for a really satisfying beer and a great beer to pair with spicy foods.Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Bad Dad Brewing (Review)

Bad Dad Brewing You’re Grounded Mister

ABV:  5.8%
Style:  Coffee Stout
Packaging:  16oz Cans
Appearance:  Dark black brown
Aroma:   Bitter coffee with slight cocoa
Mouthfeel:   Full bodied satisfying
Taste:   A nice punch of coffee up front followed by a late sweet cocoa flavor.
Overall:  Bad Dad You’re Grounded Mister has to be one of my favorite beers of the bunch.  The beer nicely wraps coffee and sweet chocolate into a really drinkable stout. The flavors and aromas are enticing and at 5.8%-AbV, this is a really drinkable stout.

You have to love the artwork and beer names from Bad Dad, and if these names don’t bring back memories of your dad mowing the lawn, then I’d be really surprised.  You also have to love the dad’s underwear Coozies they sent along.  Bad Dad Brewing Beers are available now in 16oz cans (and kegs), so get out there and find your your own Bad Dad beer…and when you DO try it, be sure to let us know what YOU think.

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