WTH? OSS knows how to WFH IRL

For years “that guy” would tell you how much more productive you’d be if you just tried Working From Home™. With many companies now requiring their employees to do so, trying to stem the tide of COVID-19, it’s finally your chance to WFH. However, based on a quick perusal of Twitter… you hate it.

After just a few days at home you’re stir crazy, you’re kid crazy, and you’re making us crazy with your tweets about how great the cookies are that you made (and are wolfing down as a coping mechanism).

But before you consult the Twitter WFH experts, perhaps it’s a good reminder that much of the software you depend upon every single day — some of the world’s most complex and important software — is written by people who (gasp!) do not sit next to each other at work and (double gasp!) most likely don’t even work for the same company.

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