Does anyone know why this spoon for stirring French press doesn’t exist in America? (Coffee Mystery) : Coffee

This particular specific listing is very mysterious

It can only be viewed if you change your country at the top, it is not on the American site. Even if you select English as your language, and England as your country, it will show up but the description will always be in Spanish. What is with this? Another weird thing is that it does not exist anywhere on the internet except in a bodum “how to French press” video on YouTube you can briefly see it being used to stir the coffee in the French press, but it is not named in the video at all. You can’t find any website making mention of this spoon anywhere except that link, reverse image search returns nothing. I even emailed bodum to ask about it and the response was just “hello. We cannot stock our stirrers in the USA”. (Which did not at all answer my inquiry).

What is with this great mystery? Is something about the spoon illegal in the USA? What on earth is happening here? And what is going on with this?

I am hoping to generate a discussion here, and maybe even an investigation. Thank you.

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