Cargo ship workers have been trapped at sea for months because of COVID-19, banned from ports, and predict ‘anarchy’ if things don’t change : politics

The CDC is shitting the bed on this. Cruise ships are in a similar position. We had one that had been stuck at sea in Florida and came up to Maine to tie off and get out of hurricane season. The tourism industry here has cratered and having the ship paying pier fees was a godsend for this small town.

The crew had already spent a month at sea isolated, and then spent another 2 months tied up at our dock, unable to disembark. The cruise line wanted to swap crews… putting this one on a plane home and bringing another onboard to run the ship.

They fought with the CDC for MONTHS to get this permission and eventually gave up. The ship left for Europe yesterday, taking its dock fees with it.

The crew had been isolated onboard for 90 days at that point and some numbnuts in DC couldnt be bothered to grant their permission to get on a bus and ride to the airport.

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