Weird flow from shower screen (Espresso Machine – E61 Grouphead

Hey guys,

So I bought my first higher end espresso machine a few months ago and noticed the flow from my shower screen is not even at all. It’s a bit turbulent with some small streams shooting out at an angle from the screen. From what I can remember, this has happened since I first purchased the machine new from Whole Latte Love.

I figured maybe one of the nanotech shower screen upgrades may alleviate the issue, but I still have the same issue after replacing the stock screen.

This issue happens when the grouphead is clean or a bit used. Same issue happens post chemical wash or post water only backflush.

I have attached a video that shows my issue. I included a clip of what happens when I run the machine with no shower screen on as well if that helps diagnose the problem. Please notice the little stream that shoots out to the left.

Is this normal or could I have a little issue?


Edit: I played around with it a little this morning and loosened the little brass piece that’s behind the shower screen (don’t know what it’s called). With it being super loose (I can easily spin it with my finger) it seems to have helped. Not sure if it is supposed to be this loose, but it seems to help. It was pretty tight when I received it.

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