Furniture Paint Project with Fusion Mineral Paint

How about a new furniture painting project today? It seems there’s always something to change up around the house, isn’t there. Here’s the latest little project I’ve been up to. I had a wood console table that I got several years ago from Nadeau and I recently painted it and gave it an update with Fusion Mineral paint. The paint was gifted to me from Fusion and I’m glad they partnered with me on this. I wrote them and told them I was going to do a paint project and would love to use their paint, so they shipped out a couple of pints for me to try.

First,let’s look at the before of this room.

When we moved in here, I bought this slightly smaller console table at Homegoods for about $150. It was a nice enough piece, but I never was that satisfied with it in here and kept thinking about the old console table I had in my foyer that I left behind. There were a few pieces we just don’t have room for here in this house, so I left them at my old house. If you didn’t know, Mark’s daughter Traci and her family are renting the house from me, so they have been using the furniture.

I always loved that piece but thought it might be too big in the sitting room, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to use it. So that’s why I picked up this gray one from Homegoods and we used it ever since we moved in. Recently I sold the gray one on Facebook Marketplace (for the same price I paid, BTW!) and got my old piece back over here.

You will remember it from my old foyer, this wood console that came from Nadeau. I worked with them a few years ago and picked this piece out. I always loved the caning, but I thought it might look fresher if I painted it. Let me show you my inspiration!

One of my blog friends, Sarah with Life on Virginia Street, has this beautiful table in her office and I always loved it and thought my piece could look so much better if I painted it white. I knew I would leave the caning natural and paint the rest.

Here it is ready to paint.

The great thing about Fusion Mineral paint is that you really don’t have to do a lot of prep to use it. It’s Foundation to Finish all in one, as the label says above. If you have a really shiny piece like lacquer they suggest you lightly sand, but otherwise, this paint goes right over any wood finish and it has a built in matte finish with top coat so unless you want a little more shine, this is all you need to use. Fusion sent me Casement, this pretty soft white and also a gray color as well as a cleaner in case I needed it. I used a paint brush since that’s what they suggest on the website. The link above will take you to the colors they have, which are all so pretty! I like it better than chalk paint for sure because of the built in top coat and ease of use. You have to seal chalk paint with something to keep it looking good, either a topcoat or wax.

Casement seemed to be the best white for my project, so I went with that and love it.

I took off all the hardware, wiped it down and got ready to paint. This wood console is a rustic wood anyway so it’s not going to be a flawless finish on here, but I knew it would look better painted.

After one coat, I loved it. I taped off the caning and painted the drawer fronts. I only painted the inside front edge inside the cabinet and left the inside natural. The paint went on so smoothly and was so easy to use. I love this paint!

And here’s the finished product! I just love it and really love it in here against the dark Moody Blue walls.

I’ll tell you what else we’re doing in here too. I was never completely satisfied with this room after we painted the walls and ceiling. I love the color and it does feel so cozy in here, but it was lacking something and I finally figured out what to do to take it to the next level.

This gal, Alisa who blogs at A Glass of Bovino (who I shared on Feature Friday last year) has done a wonderful job with her fixer upper house in NJ and she and her hubby have added so much molding all around their house. She added picture frame molding using this tutorial in her bedroom and painted it all the same color. She does beautiful work. I’ve seen many other bloggers do this treatment as well and paint everything out all one color and it really is a show stopper!

Bingo! That’s what I need to do in the sitting room. We already have the ceiling painted the same color, so now we will add molding like Alisa did and I’ll paint it all the same color along with the baseboard and crown molding and windows. I think it’s going to look SO good!

Of course, I’ll share it all with you when I’m finished, but i wanted to share this furniture makeover and the plans to finish this space. It’s going to be gorgeous, I think!


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