getting bitter cups with a tar smell : Coffee

I’m trying Hoffman’s method with my V60’s and constantly getting the same results: bitter cups with the tar smell from the slurry and the cup itself. I’ve run up and down with the grind settings, with a more coarse grind ending on a bland and hollow side.

Please help me understand what am I doing wrong.

My setup:

My recipe:

  • 25g of coffee grounds to 450ml of boiling water

  • Rinse filter

  • Make a dimple in the grounds

  • Add from 50 to 60ml of water, swirl the grounds

  • Wait to 45 secs

  • Pour 300ml in 1:15 then pour the remaining water more gently up to 1:45

  • Stir once clockwise and once counter wise, then swirl

  • Wait till the water draws down

  • Brew time of 3:10 to 3:45 (everything’s the same, I don’t know what affects this, maybe pours/agitation/clogging).

Here’s a video of my typical brew (light-roasted Tanzania AA here), I’m thinking maybe my pouring technique is to blame:

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