THE WORLD’S LARGEST COFFEE TASTING IS BACK! Courtesy of James Hoffmann : Coffee

I just saw this and am incredibly excited to share the news with both Reddit and friends.

I am sure that many of us have been drinking and making far more coffee than normal during these past few months due to the virus.

This subreddit as well as r/espresso have been amazing for me because they allow to me share my interest in coffee with others and to interact and learn from people with a similar passion.

This next round of the world’s largest coffee tasting will surely be a great way for us coffee lovers to come together and interact in an inclusive way.

Once again, many thanks to James and Square Mile (and anyone else involved including the farmers themselves) for putting this together!

I am sure it takes a huge amount of work to set this up, there are thousand of us around the world who hugely appreciate this.

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