The Year of Klingon Begins in Star Trek Online: House Divided

The galaxy is threatened by its own past, as J’Ula, sister of T’kuvma from “Star Trek: Discovery,” has come forward to the year 2411. Her ancient warrior ways and lust for blood threaten to bring the entire Klingon Empire into a dark, bloody civil war.

Star Trek Online

The next major update for Star Trek Online is now live on Xbox One. Welcome to House Divided, the beginning of our epic Year of Klingon. A brand new face is joining our stories cast – Robert O’Reilly, who played Chancellor Gowron in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” He’ll be portraying Aakar, Gowron’s ancestor and a loyal servant of the treacherous Ju’la. Gowron was a brilliant, crafty leader, and time will tell if those traits came from his Grandfather.

Star Trek Online

An old fan favorite returns to oppose Aakar. J.G. Hertzler is stepping back into the role of Martok, rejoining our cast as our focus turns again to the Klingon Empire. With the incursion of J’ula into the modern era, more and more Klingons are listening to her message of a return to “traditional” ways. What side will Martok choose?

Star Trek Online

It’s the best time to start a new Klingon. The classic Klingon tutorial experience, has been given a visual overhaul, with new environments, new cutscenes, voice overs, and more. Playing this classic story now feels like a brand new game. In addition, characters like J’Mpok, Adet’pa, Kagran and Worf have been given entirely new models, as have several classic Klingon ships, and there are new hair and face options for male Klingon Captains. This is the only the beginning of the Year of Klingon, and the classic updates will continue as we move forward.

Star Trek Online

Those seeking the power of time itself can engage in the House Divided event, playing through the brand new TFO, Best Served Cold, three new Patrols, or the two new episodes in the House Divided story to earn themselves a Red Angel Suit. This powerful armor allows your character to transform into a flying warrior capable of sending their enemies through time itself.

Star Trek Online

How you play is up to you, but make sure you retain your honor. The Year of Klingon has only just begun. Qapla’, Captains.

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Star Trek Online puts you in the captain’s chair of your own adventure in the Star Trek universe. You’ll be able to lead your ship and crew on adventures in space and on the ground in this ever expanding, completely Free-to-Play online universe.

Key Features:

100% Free to Play: Free to download, free to play, no hidden pay walls, and all of our content updates are totally free.

Intrigue in the Final Frontier: We have a rich story line that unfolds over 125 episodes that feature friends and foes from every part of the Star Trek universe.

Celebrity Involvement: Star Trek Online features over 15 actors spanning every series of Star Trek. You’ll have the opportunity to party up with Worf, Seven of Nine, Tuvok, Harry Kim, and many many more.

Choose your Faction: Explore with the Federation, Fight for Honor with the Klingon Empire, or rebuild your species with the Romulan Republic, the choice is up to you!

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