Take-Two Interactive CEO defends next-gen price hike : xboxone

Let’s look at some data shall we? 2005’s top games per sales for the whole year;

  • Madden NFL 06 (PS2), Electronic Arts, over 2.9 million sold

  • Pokemon Emerald (GBA), Nintendo of America, over 1.7 million sold

  • Gran Turismo 4 (PS2), SCEA, over 1.5 million sold

What about 2018..

  • Spider-Man (PS4), Sony Interactive Entertainment, over 5.1 million sold

  • God of War (PS4), Sony Interactive Entertainment, over 5 million sold

  • FIFA 19 (PS4), Electronic Arts, over 4.9 million sold

Two things to keep in mind; a game like FIFA 19 may appear multiple times on a top 25 list for different consoles and this list does not factor in micro-transactions obviously, only units sold.

Sure the price hasn’t gone up, good job, pat yourself on the back for that one, obv. doing us a solid, really, thank you so much. What about the fact that sales have more than doubled? How about all that sweet revenue from online transactions/ads in game?

But hey sure, we’re gamers(tm), we’re gullible, please keep serving us that BS, I’m fucking starving.

Sneaky edit: Just want to add the 2005 sales figures are from NPD, 2018 from VGChartz. Take that for what you will, I’m sure there are better, more accurate numbers somewhere else but I feel like the general, you know, vibe, would stay the same.

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