What is your Favour Coffee Bean/Roaster (in Toronto) for Latte? : Coffee

Hello Latte Lover of Reddit,

I got an Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine last Christmas. (I can then understand why one might dislike Starbucks Coffee).
I have been mostly using the bean from Pilot Coffee. I don’t really drink pure espresso, more a latte person.

I know there are several good roaster out here in Toronto, but I just don’t think I am able to try them all. Would love some input.

Let me start with mine (very limited experience)
I am not a fan of strong acidity, nor do I like a very heavy “body” (the feeling of a heavy coating in your throat, flavour being heavy is ok).

As of now, I have tried most of the Pilot Coffee Bean.
This are my top 5 for Latte:

  1. El Quizarra ‘lot Limón’ – Costa Rica (Relative New Roast)

  2. Heritage (Signature Pilot Coffee)

  3. Rancho Dantas – Brazil

  4. Ana Sora – Ethiopia (Seasonal Roast, flavour is so different to me than any other roast they have)

  5. Monument (Darkest)



I like Pilot Coffee Bean for Latte (not too acidic, not too “heavy body”), looking for other options in Toronto


What your favour Coffee Bean is for Latte in Toronto,

What is your back up option if you have one?

By the way, does anyone have any recommended setting (just for reference) for the Breville Barista Pro (My double shot setting – Grind: Size 9, Dose: 12.5-13 sec, “Preshot”: 4-6 sec, Overall Extraction: 25-32 depends on the roast)

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