N.Y. Republicans rebuke Trump administration for defunding FDNY 9/11 program as rest of GOP silent : politics

My FIL was one of the volunteers who helped clean up after the attacks. He has multiple medical issues stemming from those weeks from volunteering his time and energy.

He’s also a faux news junkie and has it on in his home 24/7, which was super fun after Sandy and we had to stay there for a couple of months, since our home was uninhabitable.

I don’t understand how he supports these politicians, even with a son who’s a veteran, who always have the worst track record for “supporting the troops” (like taking the money to fix moldy base housing and build new schools for soldier’s children on base in order to funnel into the wall that “Mexico was going to pay for”), veterans (which I mentioned my husband is one – whose meds, which comes from the VA 2 towns over, was late for the first time ever this month…wonder why?!? /s), and siphoning money away from the fund that pays for my FIL’s medical treatments as a 9/11 volunteer.

And he’s Hispanic, which makes it all the more confusing to me. He’s a smart man; I just don’t know how he can be so gullible and believe all the lies.

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