Michigan Gov. Lashes Trump For Endangering Her Life After Rally ‘Lock Her Up’ Chant : politics

We need to be concerned about, and prepared for, violence after the election. The hatred, ignorance, and calls to action we see in his rallies is dangerous and growing in ferocity. Trump has primed his followers to believe any result that isn’t a clear and overwhelming victory for Trump will be indisputable evidence of a fraudulent election. He has spent the last four years describing the media, democratic leaders, and democratic activists as enemies. Not Americans with differing views, but outright enemies to America. He pushes this view to an adoring cult public who hold as a major political issue their right to carry firearms.

Trump has condoned violence. Trump has signaled, whether intentionally or through his inability to string together coherent sentences, support for self-proclaimed militias and conspiracy theories. Trump has compromised the integrity of our democracy by eroding public trust in our most important institutions and greatly contributing to the growing inability for democrats and republicans to agree on a common truth, or a common reality. In a Trump supporter’s eyes, he is winning the election by a landslide.

The polls indicate otherwise. Trump is losing by every metric, in every poll. But it may not look that way on election night. Many states will take days to count mail-in ballots and mail-in ballots are overwhelmingly cast by democrats, per the polls. Election night may show Trump in a strong position and you can bet he will be quick to claim victory while simultaneously calling in to question to legitimacy of the in-progress mail-in ballot count. His followers will watch their leader’s victory get pulled away over the hours/days after the election, as the now record breaking number of mail-in ballots are counted. He’s going to do everything he can to push the issue up the supreme court, hoping his newly appointed judge will rule in his favor. She probably won’t. Expect an extreme response.

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